Division of jurisdictions

The states presenting interest for incorporation of company may be divided into two groups different in level of taxation and state control over commercial activity:

  • Offshore jurisdictions

  • Jurisdictions with the preferential taxation

 Factors influencing the choice of jurisdiction

  • Commercial goals. The real commercial goals of creating an offshore structure have to be taken into consideration, not just minimization of taxes
  • Confidentiality of information about incorporation of company. Secrecy and prevention to access the information
  • Conditions on which the company is treated as a resident of the state or having a regular domicile
  • Political stableness of the state where the company is incorporated, in particular if funds or actives of the company are located in the given jurisdiction
  • Possibility to move the business from one jurisdiction to another
  • Currency control. Possibility to easily move the capital is a fundamental ground for developing any kind of schemes