Banking system in Liechtenstein

Institutions of regulation and supervision

Central bank

Association of banks

Law about credit institutions 

Law of 21 October 1992 on Banks and Finance Companies (Banking Act)

Rating of banks in Liechtenstein
BankAssets,milj. CHF
1LGT Bank in Liechtenstein AG61,268.1
2Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG50,218.0
3Verwaltungs- und Privat-Bank AG30,939.1
4Centrum Bank AG7,100.1
5Neue Bank AG4,615.5
6Valartis Bank (Liechtenstein) AG3,945.1
7Bank Frick & Co. AG2,621.0
8Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG2,395.6
9Volksbank AG1,828.1
10Raiffeisen Privatbank Liechtenstein AG1,131.9
11Banque Havilland (Liechtenstein) SA1,015.6
12Bank Alpinum AG955.0
13EFG Bank von Ernst AG705.4

List of the largest banks in Liechtenstein on 31.12.2014. compiled according to the size of the assets

Source: publication “Liechtenstein Bankers Association Annual Report 2014