Banking system in Hong Kong

Institutions of regulation and supervision

Securities and Futures Commission

Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Association of banks

Law about credit institutions 

Banking Ordinance, Chapter 155

Rating of licensed banks in Hong Kong 
BankAssets, millions HKD
1Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited 6 439 355
2Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited1 969 777
3Hang Seng Bank Limited1 143 730
4Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited1 024 232
5The Bank of East Asia, Limited (The)753 954
6Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia)569 757
7China Construction Bank (Asia)
Corporation Limited
414 168
8DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited308 659
9Nanyang Commercial Bank, Limited280 384
10Wing Lung Bank217 186

List of the largest banks in Hong Kong on 01.04.2015., compiled according to the size of the assets

Source: KPMG Hong Kong Banking Survey 2014