Banking system in Denmark

Institutions of regulation and supervision

The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority

Danmarks Nationalbank

The Danish Bankers Association

Law about credit institutions

Financial Business Act (Consolidated Act no. 613 of 21 June 2005)

Rating of banks in Denmark
BankAssets, millions EUR
1Danske Bank485146
2Nordea Bank304761
3Jyske Bank35118
4Nykredit Bank Group30044
6Spar Nord Bank10000
7Arbejdernes Landsbank5046
8FIH Bank3686
9Vestjysk Bank3500
10Ringkjobing Landbobank2624

List of 10 main banks in Denmark on 01.04.2014, compiled according to the size of their total assets in 2013 (1 DKK=0,134 USD)

Source: Each bank’s annual report 2013.