Accounting services for Singapore companies

Accounting services for Singapore companies includes:

  • accounting
  • preparing annual financial report
  • calculation of corporate income tax
  • financial report submission to Register (ACRA) and tax authorities (IRAS)
  • financial report submission in XRBL format
  • audit
General information on reportsTerm of submission
Finance year endstandard financial year of the company ends on 31 December each year, but financial year also could be reconciled with the company registration month
Annual financial report

Other reports

- balance sheet
- profit and loss calculation
- director notification
- corporate income tax report
- employee report
in the period of 3 months after finance year ends ECI with IRAS required to be filled
Auditif the company qualifies as a small company

Small company is if it meets at least 2 of 3 criteria:

  • Annual revenue less than SGD 10 million
  • Balance less than SGD 10 million
  • Employees less than 50

In order to prepare report and gain confirmation, following document copies must be submitted: bank statements, agreements, invoices and other documents regarding fund flow in company’s bank account.

All the documentation must be in English!

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