Ready made companies

Country Name Reg. Date Price POA Statute
Scotland INTAVEST LP 18.07.2017 1024 GBP
Scotland STRATACORP LP 18.07.2017 1024 GBP
Scotland JETSEN COMPANY LP 01.02.2017 1024 GBP
Belize TRIDENTY INDUSTRY LTD 12.01.2017 1553 USD
Belize ADDER INTERNATIONAL LTD 12.01.2017 1553 USD
Belize HARDFORD GLOBAL LTD 12.01.2017 1553 USD
Seychelles EALING COMMERCE LTD 28.07.2015 **
Canada BARRINGER PROJECT LP 15.04.2015 **
United Kingdom INTAFIELD LTD 27.01.2014 **
United Kingdom EUSTON SYSTEM LLP 10.01.2014 **
United Kingdom JANESTA LTD 03.01.2013 **
British Virgin Islands CANTON AGENCY LTD 13.07.2012 **
Dominica KANTER LTD 29.02.2012 **
United Kingdom AKOTRADE COMPANY LTD 12.01.2012 **

** Email us for the price

POA – power of Attorney

Reserved. Please note that companies are reserved for 5 working days. If within 5 working days no payment has been received, the company becomes publicly available again.

Invoice is prepared in the basic currency for chosen jurisdiction.

The costs of the ready made company include:

1. Company formation

2. Government fees

3. Registration agent /secretary services fee

4. Registered address services fee

5. A set of registration documents: Certificate of Incorporation with аpostille, Articles of Association/statute, appointment of director(s), share certificate(s)

6. Company seal

7. nominee director/shareholder services, power of attorney with аpostille, declaration(s) of trust, agreement for the provision of nominee services, resignation letter of director