Accounting service fees for Cyprus companies

ServiceFee, EURNotes
Dormant company account, including audit report
*please read, what dormant company is
Account of company that already has opened bank account, but does not conduct business yet. Audit report included800
Active company account*
- preparing financial report
- audit
from 500
from 600
fee is determined according to turnover and number of transactions made
Receipt of VAT number 350
Preparing VAT reportfrom 200depends on preparing time

Invoice is prepared in the basic currency for chosen jurisdiction.

*IMPORTANT!  Inactive ( dormant) company –  it is a company that does not have a bank account and any assets yet. In case the company has either bank account or assets and has concluded contracts with partners – active company account must be prepared and submitted.

** To determine the exact value of preparing statement we need to receive information about transactions of the company, formed in Excel format, sample will be provided.

For statement preparation it is necessary to provide following document copies: bank statements, agreements, invoices and other documents regarding current financial year.

All the documentation must be in English