3.06.2022. World’s happiest countries
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The World happiness report, a publication of the Sustainable development solutions network powered by the Gallup World Poll data,  reached more than 9 million people in 2021. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the World happiness report, which uses global survey data to report on how people evaluate their own lives in more than 150 countries around the world. Since it was first published, the World happiness report has been based on two key ideas: that happiness or life evaluation can be measured through opinion surveys, and that we can identify key determinants of well-being and thereby explain the patterns of life evaluation across countries. It further said this information, in turn, can help countries to craft policies aimed at achieving happier societies.   Top 10 countries list:

1. Finland
2. Denmark
3. Iceland
4. Switzerland
5. Netherlands
6. Luxembourg
7. Sweden
8. Norway
9. Israel
10. New Zealand


22.04.2022. EU adopts new rules on consumer protection for digital assets
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The European Parliament has agreed draft rules for national regulators to supervise crypto-assets, protect consumers and ensure environmental sustainability in the sector. Its economic and monetary affairs committee adopted new rules on digital assets, which will cover cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, by a substantial majority. The proposed regulation, known as the Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation, or MiCA, will boost confidence in the currencies among investors, and support the development of digital services and alternative payment instruments, the EU’s Parliament said.

25.02.2022. Recommendations for the distance customer identification
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The Financial and Capital Market Commission has developed “Recommendations for the distance customer identification” (hereinafter – the Recommendations) with the aim of clarifying the customer identification process and binding requirements, thus helping institutions to manage the risks specific to customer identification and promoting the wider use of appropriate identification in customer research in process. The recommendations are published in the Latvijas Vēstnesis 15.02.2022.

18.02.2022. Europe, personal income tax rates
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Most countries’ personal income taxes have a progressive structure, meaning that the tax rate paid by individuals increases as they earn higher wages. The highest income tax rate individuals pay differs significantly across European OECD countries—as shown in a map.
The top statutory personal income tax rate applies to the share of income that falls into the highest tax bracket. For instance, if a country has five tax brackets, and the top income tax rate of 50 percent has a threshold of €1 million, each additional euro of income over €1 million would be taxed at 50 percent.