16.11.2020. Aptauja atklāj pandēmijas ietekmi uz cilvēka garīgo veselību

A survey of 5 800 working and non-working people across the UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland has revealed that 64% of those who working in this region have seen work-related stress levels increase compared with pre-pandemic levels.
The findings published in “ Report on mental health & wellbeing in Europe”, commissioned by AXA (Insurance company), also showed that 81% suffering from increased stress levels described themselves as having a poor or low state of mind at the time of being surveyed.
Of the UK workers polled, 27% aged 25-34 said their mental health had deteriorated during the pandemic compared with 17% of those aged 55-plus.
The survey also revealed how much working people have missed having personal encounters across the continent. Along with Spain (85%), Brits (82%) lead the way when it comes to missing physical contact with people outside of their direct household. France (78%), Italy (78%), Belgium (75%), Switzerland (73%) and Germany (65%) follow.
Dr Chris Tomkins, AXA Health head commented:
“Employers and employees alike should remember not to view mental health in isolation. Rather, for a healthy life, we need a balance between our physical, mental and social wellbeing. Covid-19 has created a challenge to everyone’s mental health and exposed vulnerabilities from physical health risks. Therefore, by understanding individuals’ health and wellbeing as a whole, we can be proactive and take effective measures to safeguard their wellbeing – now, and in the future.”

6.11.2020. HSBC banka Džersijā – starptautisks aktīvu pārvaldīšanas centrs

HSBC Channel Islands and Isle of Man is expanding its wealth services to customers in Jersey and its HSBC Expat customers worldwide, making the bank’s Jersey headquarters an international wealth hub.
The expansion will include new investment and wealth management products allowing customers to access information on managing their wealth and investments.
To support the development, HSBC has said it will create 30 roles for wealth advisers over the coming year.
The expansion is part of a multi-year investment into the Jersey-based business, which is viewed as a strategic growth market for HSBC.
Head of wealth at HSBC John Goddard said that the expansion of wealth services to become one of HSBC’s worldwide hubs for international wealth is a significant development for HSBC in the islands. Global expats and island customers alike will benefit from industry-leading products, cutting-edge insights and excellent service.

2.11.2020. ES vēršas pret “zelta pases” programmām Kiprā un Maltā

EU was launching legal action against Cyprus and Malta over their investor citizenship programs, also known as “golden passport” schemes.
The schemes allow wealthy foreigners to buy citizenship in exchange for an investment of around 1 mill. EUR in Malta and 2 mill. EUR  in Cyprus.
This  decision was taken because Cyprus and Malta granted nationality – and thereby EU citizenship – without requiring “a genuine link with the country”, as passport holders were not obliged to reside there.
In a 2019 report the commission acknowledged golden visa and golden passport schemes posed similar money-laundering and organised crime risks.

23.10.2020. ES “blacklist” jurisdikciju izmaiņas oktobrī

On 6th October 2020 EU was adding Anguilla and Barbados to its blacklist of tax havens and the Cayman Islands and Oman were removed.
The renowned list was established in 2017 and now consists of 12 jurisdictions: American Samoa, Anguilla, Barbados, Fiji, Guam, Palau, Panama, Samoa, Seychelles, Trinidad and Tobago, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Vanuatu.
The Cayman Islands and Oman were considered by the EU finance ministers to have passed and implemented the necessary reforms.
Blacklisted jurisdictions face higher scrutiny, loss of access to EU funds and damage to their reputations.


16.10.2020. Honkonga, jau septītā virtuālā banka sāk darboties

Ping An OneConnect Bank, www.paob.com.hk, a member of Ping An Insurance has become the seventh virtual bank in Hong Kong to start operations.
Among the eight virtual banks:
Airstar Bank Limited
Ant Bank Limited
Fusion Bank Limited
Livi Bank Limited
Mox Bank Limited
Ping An OneConnect Bank Limited
WeLab Bank Limited
ZA Bank Limited
licensed in Hong Kong, only Fusion Bank has not commenced operations.
PAOB provides lending service to small and medium enterprises.The bank promises to approve loans worth up to HK$2 million within five business days with an interest rate of 8-12 %. Apart from SME banking, PAOB also provides retail banking services.