Scotland is an autonomous state within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, population- 5 254 000.

The legal system of Scotland is based on the English Common Law with local amendments.

Limited Liability Partnership (LP), incorporated under the Limited Partnerships Act 1907, can conduct business in any part of the world.

Tax Rate 
Income (Corporate) LP taxnoeach partner pays the tax separately; it depends on the state where a partner is registered as a taxpayer
Double tax treaties - as LP companies are not UK taxpayers, these treaties are not applicable


  • No corporate (income) tax
  • It is not necessary to submit annual financial statements to Companies House, but this does not exempt the company from fulfilling legislative requirements as to preparing and retaining those
  • An LP may be used for international trade, for service provision, asset protection, as an investment company etc.


  • As LP companies are not UK taxpayers, Double tax treaties are not applicable
  • Required to prepare and submit financial statements to HMRC tax return anually
  • In case the company acts outside the UK, no VAT number can be obtained
Name Must end with the words “Limited Partnership” or abbreviation "LP"
Words like “Insurance”, “Bank”, “Chamber of Commerce”, “Co-operative”, “Credit Union”, “Group”, “Holding”, “Building Society”, “Royal” etc. may only be used by assent of the authority in charge

Share capital The standard authorized share capital is GBP 2 000, not required to be paid before incorporation
Partners of an LP At least two. An LP is managed by a general partner. The general partner has unlimited liability. The liability of other partners is limited
Registered Address Required in Scotland
Annual reporting Required to prepare and submit the company’s financial statements to the HMRC tax authority

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Incorporation of a new company along with the preparation of apostilled documents 20 business days

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Annual financial statement – required

Information that has to be provided by the customer

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