22.01.2021. Brexit: Apvienotā Karaliste atdalījās no Eiropas Savienības 01.01.2021

Company News

New rules apply to things like travel and doing business with UK from 1st January 2021.
Changes for businesses and citizens in UK and EU starts from this date:
-importing goods from the EU to the UK,
-exporting goods to the EU from the UK,
-moving goods to or from Northern Ireland from the UK and also the EU,
-providing services to EU countries from the UK,
-providing services to UK companies,
-traveling from the EU to the UK
-living and working in  the UK
-staying in the UK .
Boris Johnson have warned there will be some disruption in the coming days and weeks, as new rules bed in and British firms come to terms with the changes.
But officials have insisted new border systems are “ready to go”.
The UK and Spain have also reached an agreement meaning the border between Gibraltar and Spain will remain open.