16.11.2020. Aptauja atklāj pandēmijas ietekmi uz cilvēka garīgo veselību

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A survey of 5 800 working and non-working people across the UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland has revealed that 64% of those who working in this region have seen work-related stress levels increase compared with pre-pandemic levels.
The findings published in “ Report on mental health & wellbeing in Europe”, commissioned by AXA (Insurance company), also showed that 81% suffering from increased stress levels described themselves as having a poor or low state of mind at the time of being surveyed.
Of the UK workers polled, 27% aged 25-34 said their mental health had deteriorated during the pandemic compared with 17% of those aged 55-plus.
The survey also revealed how much working people have missed having personal encounters across the continent. Along with Spain (85%), Brits (82%) lead the way when it comes to missing physical contact with people outside of their direct household. France (78%), Italy (78%), Belgium (75%), Switzerland (73%) and Germany (65%) follow.
Dr Chris Tomkins, AXA Health head commented:
“Employers and employees alike should remember not to view mental health in isolation. Rather, for a healthy life, we need a balance between our physical, mental and social wellbeing. Covid-19 has created a challenge to everyone’s mental health and exposed vulnerabilities from physical health risks. Therefore, by understanding individuals’ health and wellbeing as a whole, we can be proactive and take effective measures to safeguard their wellbeing – now, and in the future.”