Switzerland is a federal republic divided into 26 Cantons. Every Canton and every community has a different taxation system, population – 7 300 000

The legal system of Switzerland is based on the Civil Law.



Limited company (Gmbh) and Joint stock company (AG), incorporated under the Swiss Code Obligations, can conduct business in any part of the world including Switzerland.

Tax Rate 
Federal income tax7.8 %
Cantonal and municipal tax 2- 8 %depends on the canton /community
Received dividends0 %
Paid dividends35 %0% - using double tax treaties
Interest paid0 %
Capital gains tax0 %
Value-added tax (VAT)8 %
Double tax treaties with 85 countries


  • High international prestige of Switzerland
  • Comparatively low total income tax rate
  • Gmbh and AG can be used as a holding company, for international trade


  • Required to have a minimum of one director– a resident of Switzerland
  • High annual and administration expenses
  • Annually required to file a Financial Statement with tax authorities
Name Gmbh - must end with the words “Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung” or “ Gmbh ”
AG - must end with the words “Aktiengesellschaft ” or “AG”
Share capital Gmbh - minimum standard authorized capital is CHF 20 000, required to be paid before a company is formated
AG - minimum standard authorized capital is CHF 100 000, 50% required to be paid before a company is formated
Shareholders Gmbh - a minimum of one Shareholder, corporate Shareholders are allowed,
information is available for third parties
AG - a minimum of one Shareholder, corporate Shareholders are allowed,
information is not available for third parties
Director Gmbh - a minimum of one resident - individual Director
AG - the Board of Directors required to have one resident - individual Director
Secretary Not required
Registered address Required
Annual reporting Annual Financial Statement to the Tax Authorities

Сompany formation prices 

Services Price, CHF
Gmbh AG
Company formation, preparation of documents, Register fee, Notary fee 4 8005 800
Registered address for one year 2 0002 500
Director- resident of Switzerland for one year 3 0006 000
Assistance with opening a bank account in Switzerland 400400
Administrative services per hour 250250

Documents are not apostilled, in German, Statute in German and English

The afore mentioned prices do not include VAT 8%

The basic currency for invoice issuance – CHF

Incorporation of a new company 17 business days

Annual support (from the second year)

Services Price, CHF
Gmbh AG
Registered address for one year 2 0002 500
Director- resident of Switzerland for one year 3 0006 000
Administrative services per hour 250250
Accountancy services per hour 240240
The basic currency for invoice issuance – CHF

Annual financial statementRequired

Information that has to be provided by the customer

Incorporation process is possible as soon as the Due Diligence procedure is completed. Please fill in and send us the Order form; immediately afterwards, we are going to send you the information on the document required within the boundaries of the Due Diligence procedure.

1. Consult to determine the order. To choose a jurisdiction for a company we offer a consulting services:

  • via telephone +(371) 67280645
  • via e-mail: consult@bbp-net.com
  • via online question form found in the header Ask an expert
  • Navigation through our web site will help you to determine: benefits, prices and requirements in respective jurisdiction

2. Complete an application form. After you have made your decision, please complete one of the online application forms:

3. Issue of invoice and settlement of order. Within one business day of filling in the online application form, you will receive an invoice via e-mail. You can pay the invoice using money transfer to the BBP bank account provided in the invoice or via Internet, using PayPal. We suggest using PayPal only in case the amount is less than 200 EUR.

ATTENTION! The invoice number should be written in the details of payment!

A payment acknowledgement will be sent to you as soon as we will receive the payment.

4. After we receive the required Due Diligence documents from you, we shall commence the incorporation or the preparation of the documents required in order to carry out the acquirement of a ready-made company.

5. Document delivery to the client. Documents are sent via international courier mail.

6. Further supporting services. We guarantee to inform, assist and provide you with all the necessary services for further support of the company.

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Company formation in Switzerland is an excellent solution if you are seeking to economic stability and if you want to be confident in the future. Switzerland as a country has many advantages, from a high standard of living to low taxes.

Swiss law is open and loyal to business. There is a much smaller number of obstacles on the way of entrepreneurs than in many other European countries. There are strong centuries-old traditions to protect bank secrecy, assets and accounts. Swiss businessmen are exempt from regular accounting reports.

Despite the fact that Switzerland did not sign an agreement on membership in the European Union, companies opened on its territory have a huge number of benefits in the European market. This greatly enhances the prestige of Swiss firms and offers huge prospects for trade in the developing free economic zone.

This made the country so attractive to foreign investors. If you decide to set up a company in Switzerland, you will be able to choose between such a limited liability company and a joint-stock company.

The first version is suitable for a small number of shareholders, and it can be established even by one person. The responsibility of each shareholder is limited by the share in the authorized capital. Recent amendments to the legislation have made the process of registering a company with limited liability in Switzerland simpler, which was a cause of increased interest among non-residents of this country. The form of a limited liability company is often used by small and medium-sized businesses because it is less expensive for such a company.

Foreign companies more often choose the form of a joint-stock company or corporation because they would like to open a branch of their company in Switzerland or to establish a subsidiary in this country. You should have at least three persons in its membership to form a joint-stock company in Switzerland.