Latvia is a parliamentary republic, a Member State of the European Union since 2005, politically stable country with multi-party democracy

Latvia restored its independence on August 21st, 1991. Before that date, the republic was occupied by the Soviet Union for fifty years. Population – 2 003 000.

Latvia legal system is based on Civil Law.

Limited company (LTD), incorporated under the Commercial Law, can conduct business in any part of the world including Latvia.

Taxation till 31.12.2017 ( from 01.01.2018 starts new tax reform)

Tax Rate 
Income (Corporate) tax15 %
Received dividends0 %*
Paid dividends0 %for legal entities *
Capitals gains tax0 %*
Interest received15 %corporate income tax
Interest paid0 %for legal entities *
Royalty income15 %corporate income tax
Royalties paid0 %for legal entities *
*except for offshore companies (companies registered in zero or low tax jurisdictions
Double tax treaties with 50 countries
VAT21 % 
Employee taxes   
Social insurance taxes, total:34.09 %
employer - 23.59%
employee -10.50%
Personal income tax23%
Minimum salary per monthEUR 380


  • Member State of the EU
  • Low corporate income tax rate
  • The company’s management does not have to be located in Latvia in order to receive the status of a resident
  • An LTD can be used as a holding company or for international trade


  • A corporate tax of 15%
  • Required to file monthly social and income tax statements for employees
  • Active companies are required to have at least one employee
  • Annually required to file Financial Statements with the tax authorities
  • A tax of 15% is withheld from any payments in favor of an offshore company

Please note that nominee structure is not possible

Name Must start or end with the words “Sabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību” or “SIA”
Share capital The minimum standard authorized share capital is EUR 2800, required to be paid before the company is incorporated
Shareholders A minimum of one Shareholder, corporate Shareholders are allowed. Required to sign application of a new company formation by Notary
Director At least one Director must be present, real person only, any nationality
Required to file a notarized signature of the Director with the Register
Secretary It is not mandatory to appoint a Secretary
Registered address Required
Annual reporting Annual Financial Statements must be provided to the tax authorities

Company formation prices

Services Price, EUR  
Formation, preparation of documents, company seal,
assistance in opening a bank account
Government incorporation fee 170incorporation within 5 days
Registered address for one year 48040 per month
Notary services from 70 actual expenses
Courier mail services 25
Additional fee if shareholder is a legal entity, documents must be translated to Latvian
Translation to Latvian 14per page
Notary confirmation of translation 14per page
Documents are without Apostille, in Latvian, Statute in Latvian and English
The afore mentioned prices do not include VAT 21%
The basic currency for invoice issuance – EUR

Incorporation of a new company 5 business days

Annual support(beginning with the second year)
Registered address for one year 480 EUREUR 40 per month
The basic currency for invoice issuance – EUR

Accountancy servicesRequired monthly

Annual financial statementRequired

Required information from the client

Incorporation process is possible as soon as the Due Diligence procedure is completed. Please fill in and send us the Order form; immediately afterwards, we are going to send you the information on the document required within the boundaries of the Due Diligence procedure.

In case the Shareholder is a legal entity, it will also have to provide a document confirming the company’s status and the person authorized to sign documents on behalf of the company

1. Consult to determine the order. To choose a jurisdiction for a company we offer a consulting services:

  • via telephone +(371) 67280645
  • via e-mail:
  • via online question form found in the header Ask an expert
  • Navigation through our web site will help you to determine: benefits, prices and requirements in respective jurisdiction

2. Complete an application form. After you have made your decision, please complete one of the online application forms:

3. Issue of invoice and settlement of order. Within one business day of filling in the online application form, you will receive an invoice via e-mail. You can pay the invoice using money transfer to the BBP bank account provided in the invoice or via Internet, using PayPal. We suggest using PayPal only in case the amount is less than 200 EUR.

ATTENTION! The invoice number should be written in the details of payment!

A payment acknowledgement will be sent to you as soon as we will receive the payment.

4. After we receive the required Due Diligence documents from you, we shall commence the incorporation or the preparation of the documents required in order to carry out the acquirement of a ready-made company.

5. Document delivery to the client. Documents are sent via international courier mail.

6. Further supporting services. We guarantee to inform, assist and provide you with all the necessary services for further support of the company.

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Latvia is a popular country for doing business. Key reason is a favorable climate for business activities as well as hospitable tax policy and the possibility to register a company in Latvia regardless of you are a non-resident of Latvia.

Many CIS businessmen have already done justice to Latvia as a place to develop a business. In 2004 Latvia became a member of European Union. Moreover, Latvia is a member state of WTO and NATO. It’s also the Schengen Agreement country.

Its participation in international associations and signed trade agreements played an important role in extension of contacts with Sweden, Great Britain, German.

Herewith, Latvia traditionally trades with CIS states. Latvia serves as a crossroads for people from East and West, for this reason the government doesn’t impede foreign investment.

Out of 190 countries Latvia is ranked 14th in the ranking of states to register a company safe and easy. It is worth mentioning that Latvia’s excelled France and Switzerland in this ranking.

In Latvia you can go through on-line business registration process and it will not take long. There are several forms of incorporation in Latvia and business experts will help to choose the best variant for you.

If you want to run a business under conditions of economic stability, Latvia can be an ideal place to set up a company. Because of its geographic position, Latvia is particularly convenient for CIS businessmen. For example, it will take you only an hour and a half to fly from Moscow to Riga. The greater part of the population speaks not only Latvian but also Russian and English. Simple and clear financial accounting is an important factor to pay attention to when you choose a place to form a company.

Latvia is known for the lowest levels of corruption in the world. The well-coordinated work of all Latvian state agencies is also worth mentioning. When a non-resident registers a company in Latvia to note specific condition he can receive a residence permit . The residence permit, in turn, gives such an advantage as free movement in the Schengen agreement countries.

For all has been said it follows that setting up a company in Latvia will let you walk tall even if you are a newcomer in business. In case you are an experienced business owner it will break new ground.