28.01.2022. Latvia, a deposit system for packaging is introduced from February

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In February, a deposit system for beverage packaging will start operating in Latvia – an opportunity to hand over empty deposit packages at ~ 1,400 deposit points throughout Latvia. Half of them will be automatic deposit points – vending machines, half – manual deposit points, where the packaging will be accepted by the store seller.
When purchasing a drink in a deposit package, the buyer will be able to return the empty package to the store later. The empty package can be returned at any point of deposit, regardless of where the specific deposit product was purchased.
It will be possible to transfer glass, plastic (PET) and metal (cans) packaging containing non-alcoholic, beer and other alcoholic beverages (up to 6%) into the deposit system, but the packaging itself is marked with the Latvian deposit mark. The handed-over package will only be accepted if it is emptied and not flattened, and the deposit label and bar code will be clearly visible on the package label.
A voucher of EUR 0.10 per unit will be issued at the Taromat for the transferred packaging units. The received deposit coupon will be used as a means of payment for the purchase of any goods available in the store. The coupon can be used to pay for the purchase in the store indicated in the coupon, but each point of sale has the opportunity to decide on additional options for using the coupon, for example, to redeem the coupon for cash or use the coupon to pay for the purchase within the entire store network. Outlets will inform their customers separately.
When handing over an empty deposit package manually, the seller will issue cash for the transferred packaging units or present this amount as a discount for the purchase.