10.12.2021. Europe, this year’s most innovative city has been identified

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This year, for the seventh time in a row, the competition for the title of Europe’s most innovative city took place.
As part of this, the European Commission will decide which city has demonstrated its efforts in the current year to create an environment that promotes and incorporates innovation.
This year, two winners were announced in different categories: the German city of Dortmund was named European Innovation Capital of 2021, while the Finnish city of Vantaa received the title of “Rising Star of European Innovative Cities”.
The second place in the category of the most innovative city in Europe was divided by two cities – Dublin, the capital of Ireland and Malaga, the city of Spain. Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, won the honorable third place.
Meanwhile, the second and third places in the category of the “rising star of Europe’s innovative cities” were won by Cascais, Portugal, and Trondheim, Norway.
In order to receive such an assessment from the European Commission, cities have developed and integrated innovative solutions into their urban environment, creating processes, governance models that contribute to the development of different areas and help to adapt to the effects of a pandemic.
In essence, these cities can safely be called smart cities, and they are an example of other cities that have been particularly affected by the pandemic and are in need of digital transformation.
In addition to the title, Europe’s most innovative city in 2021, Dortmund, will receive a 1 million euro cash prize. In the meantime, the other finalists will receive 100,000 euros. The Finnish city of Vantaa without the title “Rising Star of Europe’s Innovative Cities” will receive another 500,000 euro, the other two cities will receive 50,000 euro each.