26.11.2021. EU, large international companies will have to publish the taxes they pay in each Member State

Company News

A directive approved by the European Parliament requiring large international companies to publish the amount of taxes paid in each EU country in order to prevent tax evasion.
International companies with an annual income of more than 750 million EUR and operating in several EU countries will henceforth be required to publish the amount of taxes they pay in each Member State.
The same rules will apply to subsidiaries of such companies. The information will also have to be made publicly available on the Internet.
Companies will be required to disclose the nature of their activities, the number of full-time employees, the amount of profit or loss before income tax, the amount of income tax accrued and paid and the amount of accumulated profit.
These tax returns should also include taxes paid in “tax havens” – countries outside the European Union that are on the EU’s list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes (the so-called EU blacklist and gray list), thus showing lost tax revenue due to tax havens.