27.07.2020. Novia launches biometric verification for client documentation

Company News

Novia Financial, UK has announced a partnership with technology firm Credas, UK to launch secure biometric verification on client documents.
This technology, used to verify that a document truly belongs to the person making the transaction, is new to the wrap platform industry but has proven successful in other sectors and offers an additional layer of protection again stolen identification.
Credas, who are market leaders in identity verification solutions, support businesses across multiple markets in their compliance and due diligence processes.
Offering real-time ID document scanning and chip reading, combined with identity and facial recognition technology – the business provides a simple, quick and secure solution to regulated markets that require an identity verification solution.
To verify the client identity a ‘selfie’ should be made by the software on a smart device.
The technology, which works by calculating distances between key features on the face, will compare both facial images to verify identity and check the integrity of the corroborative document.