16.08.2019. Hong Kong grants its first digital asset custodian licence

Company News

A California-based digital financial service provider Aegis Custody- has been granted a trading licence as Hong Kong’s first digital asset custodian.
Aegis Custody’s informed that through a Hong Kong business, the company will be able to service clients interested in the new digital asset economy on a global scale.
In November last year, Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) set out a new regulatory approach for digital assets, seeking to better protect investors and encourage more innovation in the nascent sector.
Aegis Custody says more than 2bn US$ of assets have been lost to internal theft, cybersecurity attacks and human error internationally over the past five years.
Founded in 2018, Aegis Custody concentrates on catering to a wide range of portfolios, from asset managers, family offices, and financial institutions to third-party trusts, exchanges, and asset-based token issuers.
The company says it provides digital asset custody solutions that are flexible and institution-grade so that digital asset investments become simpler for institutions.