12.12.2018. Top 5 countries by ease of doing business in 2019

Company News

The World Bank has released its latest ease of doing business 2019 rankings – an annual report that ranks countries on business-friendliness, procedural ease, regulatory architecture and absence of bureaucratic red tape.
5th South Korea. The corporate tax rate in the country is suitable for foreign entities, but this year the government approved a 3%t tax rise to pay for social welfare programmes and new public sector jobs.
4th Hong Kong. Ideal location for foreign companies and access to the international market, tax-friendly jurisdiction, a trustworthy economy and political environment, world-class infrastructure and a productive legal system.
3rd Denmark. Offers foreign investors a low corporate tax rate. Other incentives include zero social contributions and a special tax system for higher salaried expats.
2nd Singapore. Easy for businesses to have access to the international market, also one of the best tax systems in the world, flexible immigration policies, an overall pro-business attitude and the world’s best professional workforce.
1st New Zealand. An easy-going tax system. The government’s incentives to digitally streamline compliance with the tax department has also made a huge impact. This Digital Transformation Initiative very simplifies all tax-related works.