13.11.2018. Norvik Banka changes its name to PNB Banka

Company News

As from  9th November Norvik Banka has changed its name to PNB Banka. The bank will continue to provide all the existing services and for the bank’s clients and all the contracts and agreements concluded previously with AS Norvik Banka remain in force.

The Chairman of the Board of PNB Banka Oliver Bramwell noted: “We are a bank for people; therefore, we not only shorten but also expand the name by adding the value – a person. The letter “P” in the new name is borrowed from the word “people”. Thus, the new name of the bank, PNB Banka, covers one of the basic values of our current activity – a person and human relations.”

In parallel with the introduction of the new name, they will also improve their customer servicing process by introducing new quality standards at all levels of the bank’s operation, including the employee trainings.