13.09.2018. Hong Kong overtakes Singapore in liveable city rankings

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According to Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) survey, this year Hong Kong has surpassed Singapore in the rankings of the world’s most liveable cities. Research ranked Hong Kong at 35th – up from 45th last year – which is two places ahead of the Lion City. Singapore is at 37th this year, dropping two spots from last year’s 35th.

Hong Kong performed better on cultural and environmental issues than Singapore although housing supply and healthcare services in Singapore was of better quality, according to Simon Baptist, global chief economist and managing director of The Economist unit in Asia.

While liveability scores for most Chinese cities did not change over the last year, Shenzhen (ranked 82) improved modestly after the city electrified its fleet of public transit buses.

The five most liveable cities:

  1. Vienna (Austria)
  2. Melbourne (Australia)
  3. Osaka (Japan)
  4. Calgary (Canada)
  5. Sydney (Australia)

The five least liveable cities:

  1. Damascus (Syria)
  2. Dhaka (Bangladesh)
  3. Lagos (Nigeria)
  4. Karachi (Pakistan)
  5. Port Moresby (PNG)