8.02.2016. Chinese New Year!

Company News

Chinese businessmen are well known on how to handle finances and the fact is that they pay a lot of attention to beliefs, expecially on their Chinese New Year which this year is going to be on 8th of February.

Some tips for prosperous business also in this year:

  • Clear anything around you that has nothing to do with your business – you require a clear vision ahead of you that demonstrates where you want to drive your business.  Do not forget to clear the invisible patterns of any rooms you are operating in to dispel the self-defeating patterns of previous people.
  • Settle all your unfinished business to start fresh for the new year. Pay off all your debts.
  • Participate in setting off firecrackers (fireworks) it is believed that it will bring prosperity and good fortune for your business.
  • Run into the number eight as much as you can. Business will boom and the cash will roll in, as eight in Chinese is associated with fortune, wealth and prosperity.