22.04.2015. Loyal Bank to launch new International Payroll Service


Loyal Bank is launching a new International Payroll Service (IPS). IPS programme offers employers many advantages, including the ability to issue debit cards instantly and the option to be personalised with the IPS programme name. IPS is the perfect solution for large companies with locations all around the world, who need to pay constantly moving staff regularly. By providing clients with basic card accounts for their employees or contracted employees, where the member can only receive funds from the company they work for, the employer will be able to make secure transfers quickly and easily.

Advantages for the employee include having a low-cost international bank card, and the security of receiving their pay regularly with no transfer delays. The employees will enjoy the use of an internationally accepted MasterCard bank card, and can use the card to shop, or pay bills online or withdraw cash from ATMs in the usual way.